Unlocking the Mind

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. -And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

I sat there for what must have been twenty minutes trying to push the start button on my cellphone for twenty minutes. Yesterday when I was lamenting this assignment I realized I had already started making excuses and we only just started.

I am not sure how many other people suffer this form of procrastination. Where as a non-published author you can pick and choose what you are going to write and if it makes me a little uncomfortable (meaning I don’t think I am going to like what I will write or cant think of something perfect to write) I skip it and will start the next day.

Well I tried that and the assignment was still here. I think it was a personal kick in the pants to tell me to quit whining and get with it. And so here it is, my appoligies to everyone who has to read this disjointed piece of work.

One of the things I was thinking about when I fell asleep last night is my upcoming class and hopefully how fun it will be. I am about to start “game development” where I am going to be mapping out the game. The storyline, the choices basically a choose your own adventure that you play not read.

So something that you should know I wanted to be a teacher… I tried going to school for it quite a few years. But between life (school shootings) and my going blind I was talked out of it. After all the councilor was right when he said “as tight as the school budgets are they are not going to assign you a sighted helper in the upper grades and I had no desire to teach little ones.

Which lead me to changing my majors, my school and my councilor. Truth is I should have done that a long time before but … we all have those shoulda. coulda, woulda things.  In the change I went in an explained to the new councilor that I was going blind, and like normal he said how sorry he was. Then he said your not blind now so lets worry about that when it comes. So where is your passion?”

I was totally taken aback.  I wound up telling him about my writing but stressed I needed something that would pay the bills. He signed me up in Digital Media Design. I of course looked at him like he lost his mind. Media design is a cross between a web page designer, graphic designer, game developer. He told me to trust him. That was a year ago. For a degree I would have never chosen myself I am loving most of it. He was right when he explained all of the components would have to have a story behind it and until I was blind I could do it after that I could continue with the story part understanding all the other factors.

And he was right … I have designed my own cover for a piece of work I have done. And want to think about designing other covers for other authors. I was thinking about starting with the fan fiction authors who are going or do write for publication(one day).

Then there is the website I want to create for this project I am doing for my  “Dis Ability Ducks,”


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